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Meet with Adi - Day(s)
$2,321USD Per 2 hour session

MD9’s happiest customers start with weekly 1 hour calls with Adi Soozin.

After the initial growth goals have been achieved we transition to monthly 1, 2 or 3-day planning sessions (this depends on the size of your team). For example: If your goal is to have Adi Soozin meet with your marketing team, sales team and product team, one day is dedicated to meeting & planning out the monthly goals with each team.

A one day planning session = three meetings that are each two hours long. There is a 30 minute break to stretch and refresh between each meeting.

Planning sessions may take place online, or in person.

For in person planning sessions, this fee does not cover the cost of travel & accommodation. Where applicable, all travel & accommodation costs must be reimbursed in full prior to the start of the first meeting.

Purchase includes 6 months of access to your customized MD9 client portal.

BONUS: 6 months of access to your own MD9 client dashboard

Adi guided our startup project from the very inception to the moment when we successfully passed the pilot phase and set for further growth. Adi is an amazing growth-hacker familiar with bootstrapped and self-funded projects: under her guidance we maxed out our productivity and achieved targets in a matter of months. We wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have her support. Totally recommend as a business growth guru.

I've been working directly and indirectly with Adi for over a year and every time we are involved with a new project she surprises me. She has an amazing ability to transform the complex into something simple and manageable. I have been using her frameworks with the startups I work with and the results are amazing. Always looking forward to what new tactic or strategy she has come up with.

A few hours with Adi helped me refine our overall strategy for all our marketing assets. We reviewed the website, our product, and different social media platforms. She provided a series of resources and strategies that are priceless. We are already seeing results from the suggestions we have implemented and have a list of things to do still, which is exciting. I think meeting with Adi should be done on a regular basis because the details from her decade of seeing results, that makes all the difference.

Meet with Adi - Hour(s)
$1,531USD Per Hour

MD9’s happiest customers start with a weekly call with Adi Soozin.

Schedule your first 1 hour strategy session with Adi Soozin now.

BONUS: 6 months of access to your own MD9™ client dashboard

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