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We entered a highly competitive market with a projected chance of failure at 90%. Working with Adi, we launched to #1 in our town our first year and expanded to be #10 in the county by 2018.

— Bonnie Wells, Founder of The Coastal Living Real Estate Group

The Coastal Living Real Estate Group

Luxury Real Estate


2014 : Comprehensive Growth Assessment & FY Roadmap for 2015 (aka GRO)
2015 : GRO & bi-weekly calls with Adi
2016 – 2020 : GRO, Adi on location for 3 days every 4-8 weeks & bi-weekly calls with Adi

A client wanted to launch a brand new real estate company in a saturated market that “had not seen a successful new entrant in decades” (to quote the client). The task was simple, grow as fast as possible. I (Adi) envisioned a cheetah chasing us, if we slowed down for a moment the competition would devour us.  We used an earlier version of my growth matrix and framework to quickly identify the easiest strategies to quickly build brand awareness. At the end of 2014 we designed and tested the funnel, UX and UI. At the start of 2015 we played what I call “the brand impression game” and aimed to have an ad everywhere the target market looked. The founder then strategically sourced talent to build out her team with high impact individuals from the local community. After this, we simply used iterations of the growth framework to identify cutting edge startup growth tactics (aka growth hacks) that would keep us ahead of the competition consistently.

2015: $13,356,250 in sales
2016: $14,243,500 in sales
2017: $41,913,500 in sales
2018: $39,244,500 in sales

Adi has been one of my go-to growth hackers & advisors since we first met in Mountain View, CA in 2016. Here she helped me to quickly grow a real estate investment venture using her growth hacking framework. When we were starting our latest venture, I reached out to get her take on a few things before making decisions on how and where to pivot. In a 30 minute call Adi helped us to identify which of the opportunities would be most profitable and require the lowest initial capital investment. From here she helped us to (1) refine our value proposition & pitch, (2) identify the decision makers within our qualified & available market, and (3) define the operational process we could use & advertise so that we could (4) charge exponentially more for our services.

— Katy Levnison, Serial Entrepreneur

Radio Eden

Real Estate Co-living & Co-working

2016 : CRO Assessment and FY marketing roadmap (aka GRO) for Radio Eden
2017-Present : Intermittent on call advisor for various other startups launched by the same core team

In 2016 Radio Eden’s hacker house had expanded to include 3 kitchens, 5 co-working / community spaces and more than 8 sleeping quarters. The hacker house was at less than 40% capacity when I (Adi) met the founder and offered to help. We analyzed her resources and developed a growth roadmap that could work with her limited access to capital, limited number of staff and limited free time.

In less than 3 months Radio Eden was booked to full capacity and remained fully booked until the founders decided to move on to launch a new tech startup.

You can learn more about what Katy & her team are doing now at https://www.linkedin.com/in/katylevinson/

A few hours with Adi helped me refine our overall strategy for all our marketing assets. We reviewed the website, our product, and different social media platforms. She provided a series of resources and strategies that are priceless. We are already seeing results from the suggestions we have implemented and have a list of things to do still, which is exciting. I think meeting with Adi should be done on a regular basis because the details from her decade of seeing results, that makes all the difference.

— Olivia Ramos


Artificial Intelligence

Two hours with a growth advisor

At the end of 2019 the founder of Deepblocks reached out to ask if I (Adi) could meet with her to analyze her current marketing initiatives and discuss what her SEO & growth roadmaps should look like for this coming year.

We used Trello to outline record everything I shared with Olivia including:
1. Where she was in the marketing adoption curve & how this information should impact her current marketing decisions
2. How to get more out of her cold email outreach
3. Recommended reading on pricing strategy, growth hacking & marketing strategy
4. How to adjust her onboarding UX to reduce long-term churn
5. I shared tools to help Olivia’s team with: CRM, CRO, data analytics, user behavior analysis, competitive analysis, SEO
6. Customer acquisition roadmap
7. A retargeting schedule
8. The A/B testing formula
9. Where to launch the app
10. How to effectively carry out cold outreach on LinkedIn
11. Two proposed lead magnets

Adi is consistently using new growth hacks before 99% of the population knows they exist. She leverages new developments, tools and strategies, six to eighteen months before they appear in the ‘top 5 things to know’ Medium articles written by ‘cutting-edge’ digital marketing gurus.

— Asher Breverman


Medical Devices

Website re-development & SMO

In 2017 Asher Breverman reached out on behalf of the marketing team at Osseus. They were facing serious issues with the current website; built on “a stack of cards” the functionality and load time of the site provided users with a horrible experience. In addition to this, the site was developed in such a way that any time a member of the marketing team wanted to make a change, they had to pay more than $1000 and wait 2-3 days for it to be implemented. Asher reached out to ask if we could rebuild it using a setup that would be easier for his marketing team to edit and manage. Shortly after the website was completely rebuilt, we were asked to analyze their presence on LinkedIn and develop a roadmap to improve their organic reach.

We rebuilt the entire website in less than 8 weeks allowing the marketing team to save the thousands they’d previously spent annually on paying their old firm, each time a change was needed. We increased the organic reach of selected social media posts by more than 400%, enabling them to have more meaningful engagement and prestigious exposure within their target market.

You can view Mr. Breverman’s LinkedIn profile here

Adi guided our startup project from the very inception to the moment when we successfully passed the pilot phase and set for further growth. Adi is an amazing growth-hacker familiar with bootstrapped and self-funded projects: under her guidance we maxed out our productivity and achieved targets in a matter of months. We wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have her support. Totally recommend as a business growth guru.

— Maria Sirotkina


Real Estate : Co-working & Co-living

Intermittent growth advisor

In 2016 Maria reached out to ask (Adi) for guidance on how to grow her new co-working & co-living concept based in Las Palmas. With limited access to capital, a small team and a growing family I created marketing strategies and growth hacks that played to her strengths.

As Maria mentioned in her testimonial, we met the goal which was to get her through the pilot phase and setup for future growth.

You can learn more about Restation at http://restation.co/

The 9×90 Podcast & Show

The Podcast Industry

Website development, podcast creation, SMO, SEO & organic growth

In 2019 I (Adi) decided to start a podcast. My time in the startup space has lead me to meet some really interesting people and I honestly wish I’d started it sooner. I decided to give myself a challenge to see how quickly I could grow something using only my connections, SEO, SMO, word-of-mouth and collaboration.

The podcast is now playing in 36 countries across 14 platforms
You can learn more about 9×90 at https://9×90.co/

When did Adi work with Apple?

In 2012 Adi was hired to devote 12 to 19 hours a week to managing community engagement, promotional events, inventory, sales personnel and social media for an Apple SIS based in northern Italy.

Adi implemented a social media strategy in conjunction with an incentive plan for the sales force, resulting in a 205% increase in sales within 12 months. Due to this success, Adi’s social media strategy was replicated across all Apple SIS-locations across Western Europe.

You can learn more about Apple at Apple.com

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