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We Install Solid Marketing Systems in Your SMB


We give your team the processes they need to implement laser-focused marketing strategies

that are all about amplifying revenue growth.

Let’s get your business firing on all cylinders!

Who have we worked with…

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Since 2009 our founder, Adi Soozin, has worked with hundreds of companies across 27 different industries.

As a member of the fifth generation in her family, to invest in companies, commercial and residential real estate, our founder understands wealth creation and wealth building in a unique way that most marketers never will.

I bet that within one hour,

we can show you a minimum of three

new marketing strategies

that will

Generate revenue

for your company

starting immediately.




Radio Eden

Less Than 40% Capacity

(Spring 2016)

100% capacity

(by the end of summer 2016)

9×90 Show

Idea on paper

(Spring 2019)

Playing in 36 countries across 14 platforms

(by the end of summer 2016)

The Coastal Living Real Estate Group

Idea on paper

(Spring 2014)

$108,757,750 in sales

(by 2019)

The MD9 Difference

As a retired professional athlete and model our founder, Adi Soozin, possesses a wealth of experience and expertise that uniquely position her to comprehend and leverage the intricate world of marketing in ways that few other marketers can. Her unique background brings several key advantages and insights to the table:

  1. Firsthand Experience
  2. Aesthetic Sensibility
  3. Personal Brand Building
  4. Relatability and Credibility
  5. In-Depth Market Knowledge
  6. Multifaceted Perspective
  7. Storytelling Abilities

Our founder’s unique blend of experience as a 5th generation wealth creator, retired professional athlete and retired professional model provides our clients with a distinct, unparalleled advantage.


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