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Welcome to a new way to work with MD9

We understand that the annual fee of 68,000USD is a lot for some startups looking to get a growth plan paired with consistent guidance from a high performing startup advisor. Which is why, if your startup meets certain criteria you will have the opportunity to work with MD9 on a performance based payment plan. So instead of 68,000USD per year, you only pay an initial fee of 20,000USD to get started and do not pay again until we hit specific milestones.

This model means that we share the risk and the reward, which is why milestone compensations include equity and a slice of the revenue growth as we work to quickly increase the size of that pie.


What is the process?




Fill out the questionnaire below


If you are a match, we will use the answers from the questionnaire to create your client profile (here is an example).


Next, we schedule a planning session for you to meet with Adi to discuss what is needed to make this partnership a success.


We then use the information from this planning session to draft three partnership paths. You choose the one that you like best.


After you make your selection, instead of the standard annual 68,000USD GRO retainer, you pay 20,000USD and do not pay your MD9 strategic advisor again until we hit the first milestone.

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