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Learn how to implement

the same strategies

we use to grow

MD9 client’s startups

by hundreds of thousands,

without paying $30,000 to $68,000.

Tackle today’s challenges with easy to follow, bite-sized lessons sent directly to you.


How are MD9 courses structured?

As the godfather of consulting, Alan Weiss once wrote,

The ski instructor you choose to follow had better be six yards in front of you on the slope, demonstrating what you intend to be able to do, not sitting in the chalet sipping brandy after giving you a CD and a pep talk.

We follow this same approach with each MD9 course, breaking complex marketing concepts down into easy to follow, bite size lessons. If you need more, we offer weekly live Q&A sessions, which are recorded and uploaded to the student portal.

Each day a new lesson is sent to you via email & published to the student portal. The daily lessons include:

  • clear how-to, over-the-shoulder videos
  • at least one easy to follow process document, excel or worksheet.
  • At the beginning and end of the course you may select to unlock access to the student portal to view all of the course lessons and recorded Q&A sessions in one place



Three ways to learn

Unlock continuous access to our student portal, a growing library of resources for all skill levels.

1:1 With Adi


  • 1 hour video call with Adi
  • A client portal that looks like this, it is filled in using the information shared in your questionnaire.
  • A clear plan of action uploaded to your client portal
  • A recording of the video call to replay as many times as you’d like

$1000 per call

The Virtual Accelerator


  • A 12 day course delivered to you via email daily, twice per month
  • Access to a new course every 15 days
  • Access to our student portal
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Access to weekly live Q&A Sessions
  • Access to exclusive slack channels

$119 per month

Self Guided Learning


  • A 12 day course delivered to you via email daily
  • Access to a new course each month
  • Access to our student portal
  • Access to a private Facebook group



$99 per month




What does an MD9 12 day course look like?

Let’s look at the SEO course as an example. In 12 days you will learn:

  • How to use the best SEO tools
  • How to find your competitors best performing content and ads
  • How to identify the right metrics and track them
  • How to calculate SEO’s financial impact on your company’s revenue, LTV & CAC
  • How to perform a technical audit
  • How to increase your domain authority
  • How to get users to spend more time on your site
  • How to use SEO tactics to get customers to spend more money with you
  • How to increase your conversion rates
  • How to improve your inbound direct traffic
  • How to use PR and Podcasts to build trust
  • How to start an affiliate or referral program
  • & MORE

What other courses will be published this year?

  • 12 day course on how to create better performing Facebook Ads
  • 12 day course on how to conduct a successful startup launch
  • 12 day course on pricing strategy
  • 12 day course on how to improve customer retention
  • 12 day course on social media optimization for LinkedIn
  • 12 day course on affiliate marketing
  • 12 day course on how to make more money with your current following
  • & MORE
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